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Wow! I had the most amazing weekend participating in the Mediumship Certification Class with Tina Marie Daly and Charles Virtue. The class was filled with amazing energy and Charles and Tina are gifted, loving teachers.

Mediumship is about communicating with the spirits of people who have crossed over.  Many people who have lost loved ones feel stuck in their grief, burdened by guilt or fear, and worried about the well being of their loved ones. Mediumship gives people confirmation that their loved ones are well, and it helps people to release the past and move forward into living a joyful life. Mediumship also gives people an opportunity to expand their relationship with people who have crossed over that they may not have had while the person was living.

Here are some interesting facts that I learned from the class:

–       To communicate with us it takes crossed over spirits a huge amount of energy

–       Often after people cross over their energy is around for a short amount of time immediately after, then they go through a period of life review. Their energy may not be available for a few months as they go through this process of reviewing their life and the lessons they learned. This is not a time of judgment, but soul expansion as they process their lives.

–       Sometimes after people cross over they are scarred to go into the light (because they fear judgment) and they hover around earth as earth bound spirits. These spirits often need help to go into the light. These are the spirits whom the media plays up as “ghosts”.  You can help these spirits by reassuring them that it is safe to go into the light, and also often just by listening to what they have to say. They still have human energy, and as we all know people can get a bit mixed up sometimes

–       Crossed over spirits retain their human personalities

–       The ability to receive clear messages from crossed over loved ones is also related to the spirit’s ability to communicate and their ability to work with our human energy frequency, which is why messages can sometimes be unclear

–       Spirits are not like Angels who are omnipresent (they can be everywhere at once), if a spirit is doing some other activity or with some other human they might not be available

–       Connecting with crossed over spirits is possible by using all of your psychic senses.  We all have these gifts, but some people have had additional training or done more self teaching

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While we were participating in the class we did lot’s of readings on each other and I had lot’s of interesting information come though. I communicated with all of my crossed over grandparents and they all had beautiful messages for me that made me cry with joy. One of my grandmother’s told me that she was right beside me supporting me now, and that while she was living she didn’t really know how to connect with me because of all of her personal limitations and social structures that defined her life. She told me that she always wanted to be more like me. My other grandmother told me memories of us dancing together when I was a child, and she said that she is most often with me and she wants to walk right beside me as I go through my life as she is thrilled by how I am living my life. She said she is my biggest fan, and I love having her with me! I felt like receiving both of these messages helped dissolve the barriers that I felt between these people while we were living. It feels so good to know about my support system on the other side, and how joyfully excited they are about how I am living my life. I received extensive gardening information from one of my grandmother’s sisters whom I did not know in life.  I connected with some of the farm animals from my childhood on the farm, these animals felt that I was like a mother to them (I took care of them) and so they choose to continue to be in my energy.

I also received a message from a potential child who may be born into my life if I choose for that to happen. He said that if I choose to have him come into my life then that is fine, but I am not obligated and if I do not wish to have a child I could ask for his energy to come into my life in some other way. He said that I often have childlike energies with me who wish to come through, because of my playful, lighthearted energy. He also said that it is entirely my choice if I choose to bring any of these energies into my life as nothing is lost for me either way, and nothing is predetermined in this regard.  It was so interesting and healing to connect with all of the energies that are still part of my life even though they have crossed over.

I am so excited to start working with this new skill! I will be starting booking readings on February 21 after I return from my vacation so stay posted for more info about that.

Have a beautiful, inspired day! xo


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Falling Onto The Wagon

Some of the things around me every day, I can easily see are beautiful. Some things require a little more work. Me work. What I want, is to live in a reality where I have successfully created total beauty in all my experiences. I want to know what it feels like to live beyond my wildest expectations. That is what I am thinking about every day. I love to feel myself peeling back old layers of me and revealing fresh, new, inspired me.

I have realized that I had limiting beliefs about my ability to attract my ideal clients. I had a fear that I would be in a situation where I didn’t know what direction to go. I am getting better at trusting myself now, and just following my own inner guidance. It is always there for me, I am learning to be a better listener. I love being able to heal my beliefs that are limiting me, using theta healing on myself. It is a fabulous way to remove unwanted subconscious beliefs that may be sabotaging your way forward. I feel we are here in order to peel back the layers to meet our most shining, beautiful selves. I am here to help you do that. I work with a wide variety of things that help you to do that. Part of me shining my brightest light is in getting my word out, and sharing my gifts with you. The work that I do helps people be in alignment with their best selves.

I just gave you a picture of what is going on in my life, and I would love to connect with some of you more.

I am also learning about how to love myself unconditionally. I am learning that loving myself with reckless abandon is the key to attracting more awesome things into my life. I am consciously using the law of attraction to bring into my life everything that I desire. Joy, passion, embracing my inner goddess, being lustily in love with life. That is what I am creating in my life. I am using deliberate creation techniques to manifest what I want in life. I am merging more every day with my inner me.

I thought I had fallen off the wagon. Fallen off my veganism, and have been eating all the wrong things. I realized my thoughts and beliefs about the situation was really the deciding factor in how my body felt. I fell of my self-care wagon completely, but faced the situation with love and acceptance, rather than old negative thinking patterns. How I feel is largely determined by how I think I should feel. So I am choosing good thoughts.

I’m working in an un-civilized environment where I am surrounded by cave men. I laugh till I cry every day. I don’t think I have ever been in a work situation that I have found so amusing. I choose to see it that way, and it makes me joyful. I was scared being there would knock me out of alignment with my inner self, but it has surprised me by helping me expand myself greatly. I am filled with an attitude of gratitude for everything that is going on in my life right now. Everything is stretching me past old limitations, into reaching life’s juiciness more.

So, yes. I am doing theta healing sessions in the evenings and on my weeks off. My schedule is a bit busy but I would love to make time for you. I am ready. I think.


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My adventures with eating, and not eating

Five years ago I was 195 pounds. I ate mostly processed, crap food. I ate a lot of meat, cheese, bread and sweets of all kinds. My body felt really gross, and lethargic all the time. I felt that I didn’t have enough energy to make changes in my life. I didn’t have enough energy to create a life that I wanted to live in.

I have never felt, along the way, that dieting and cutting calories were the best strategy for me. I wanted to deal with what was causing me to indulge in such a destructive way of living. I knew that for me, cutting my calories was not going to fix my life, and I knew that my extra weight was just a symbol of my underlying unhappiness and unease with my life. I felt addicted and hopelessly attached to a toxic lifestyle but did not know how to get out of it. I felt controlled by my attachments to foods that made me feel crappy.

Somewhere along the way I started taking little steps towards being a healthier me. I am an educated and informed reader, but I felt I lacked the courage to put my thoughts and beliefs into action. For me, there is one truth. I know that eating processed foods, animals (and their products) and sugar were not good for my body. Not good for my energy. Disease causing in my body.

I started by giving up all meat and fleshy things. This happened a few years ago. After I gave up meat, felt better energetically. I started getting sick less often. I felt more vibrant and lively. I learned my body actually becomes more healthy when I give up eating things that I grew up learning are essential for my survival. I grew up on a farm, and I grew up with the belief that eating animals and their products are essential to good health. I have been somewhat astonished to learn that much of what I have believed about food is not true, and it is in fact the opposite of the truth for me. When I discovered that I did not need meat to survive, I did not feel I could any longer justify to myself the using of animals to serve my own needs. This no longer felt right to me, and I felt it was not in alignment with my desire to make the world a better place.

My next discovery about my body was the realization that gluten was dragging my energy down. I reduced my gluten intake and felt more vibrantly connected to life. Gluten is a difficult thing for many peoples body’s to digest. I have realized that the food we eat is very connected to how we feel about ourselves. I urge you to experiment with your own eating habits with the intent to develop more inner knowing about what will make your body thrive. For me, changing my food has created a more joyful ability to be a more vitalized participant in my life. Your discoveries may be different from my own, but I feel we all benefit by taking a close look at our eating habits and taking steps to eliminate that which no longer serves us.

Eliminating sugar was the most difficult thing ever. I really thought about sugar a great deal of the time. I was possessed by my addiction to sugar, sugary things and the energy imbalances connected with that. I was a sugar junky. There would not have been a time that I went without dessert. I planned my days around finding my next baked good. My strategy for helping me with this transition has been using stevia. It is made from a leaf, and it is naturally sweet. It doesn’t elevate your blood sugar levels therefore eliminating energy crashes and it also is free of all the negative side effects of sugar. Sugar is an exhausting addiction. Your tastes and cravings do change as you change your body, and your food. My food attachments have changed and evolved into things that serve me better. Some of things that I have given up in my diet, I could never have imagined not wanting them everyday for the rest of my life. It may seem like a life of constant sacrifice, but the things I have become attached to instead are now just as appealing to me as things now gone.

A few weeks ago I did a five day juice cleanse. I have a super juice making machine and I used that to make myself cleansing green veggie juices and give my body a rest and rejuvenating time out. I gave up my daily coffee at the same time as I started the cleanse; and I suffered through some dandy caffeine withdrawal headaches. If you have ever cleansed before, you already know that the first three days are the most difficult. Your body detoxifies and gets rid of a lot of inner and energetic crud. A cleanse is also a great time to help you break food attachments that are no longer serving you.

After I finished my cleanse I decided after much inner searching and research, to adopt a vegan lifestyle; free of all animal products. I feel really quite wonderful. Through each stage of my eating evolution, I feel that I have also evolved mentally and spiritually. I feel that I have freed myself from excessive energetic crud with every change that I have made. I always thought I could never become a vegan because I felt I could never give up ice-cream and cheese. But these attachments have been easier than I thought to eliminate from my mind and my life. I feel this is because I know I am making the best choice for me, and I can refer back into my mind at any time and confirm to myself all my reasons for doing this. I eat such delicious food when I am at home! When I am away from home, I take extra precautions to plan my meals and then I am not in a situation where I have limited food options. I made delicious things at home and bring them with me when I go away. And I also love sharing my new foods with my friends. I love sharing food with the people I love, that is going to make them feel good.

I have discovered a passion lately for gluten-free / sugar-free / vegan baking. I started doing this so I could still have tasty treats for myself, and I wouldn’t feel deprived, but it has blossomed into so much more than that. I don’t feel that I am lacking in any way with the new lifestyle I have adopted. I feel that I have discovered a way of treating my body that helps me thrive on every level of my being. I feel more like the me I am supposed to feel like everyday. I have lost 35 pounds this year, through actually stuffing my face with awesome food; and I am so grateful to feel so vibrantly alive.

The message of this writing is not that you should all become gluten-free, vegans. I felt it would be beneficial to share my own ways of making positive changes in my life. I started by taking one small step in the direction I wanted to go, and I didn’t know exactly where I was going or where my path would lead me. I felt overwhelmed by the state of my life, but I started by taking one small step forward. Don’t believe everything you think you know for sure. Have a loving look at your life and find ways of taking little steps forward in the direction you want to be going. Take care of your body. Nurture your soul.


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Embracing your inner Business Goddess

I have recently been giving a lot of thought to growing and nurturing my business, and what exactly this means to me. I have learned that having a business is really an extension of your own unique energy and the same principles for making your life work for you also apply to making your business work for you. I have learnt that when you approach your business from a perspective of service, and giving to the universe from your vision of your highest self, this brings into your awareness all that you need to take the next step. I have learned the value of building my business from a place of serving and abundance, rather than fear and scarcity.

I have been greatly inspired and influenced through this process by Laura West from as well as Heather Dominick from I have absorbed the work from both of these inspiring women entrepreneurs to create my new Business Goddess quantum wellness program. This program consists of Business Goddess friendly affirmations that are broadcasted into my clients energy fields that help them to be more in alignment with being a true Business Goddess, in a heart centred way. This is a business philosophy based on following your own personal passion, and serving the world using your own unique gifts and showcasing your authentic self.

I have posted here an excerpt from my new Business Goddess program, and if this resonates with you, please contact me and I would be happy to share with you the complete program. I am happy to share the words with you, and I am also interested in connecting with people who are interested in having this program sent into their energetic field through my quantum wellness programs.

PS. You can click on the image to view bigger words

Wishing you LOVE and all the best life has to offer. Namaste.


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Releasing Resentment

‘I release resentment and anger regularly after allowing myself to feel these emotions fully. I do this by saying, “I now forgive and release [fill in the blank].” I let go, and I am free. Once I begin, I find more and more things to release. This practice is a powerful way to rejuvenate my body and my life.’ Christiane Northrup

Holding onto resentment creates a poisonous inner environment. It interferes with our ability to experience happiness, joy, and love. It also interferes with our ability to fully embrace and experience loving relationships. Resentment interferes with our health, and contributes to a diseased body state. Resentment is the main ingredient in our own unhappiness.

We all experience feelings of resentment and it is important to identify ways of dealing with these feelings in a healthy way. Some ways that I know I contribute to having resentful feelings are: having unreasonable expectations in a situation or within a relationship, having expectations that people will know/understand/anticipate my needs, and in not expressing hurt feelings within my relationships.

Here are some strategies that I use when I find myself feeling resentment:

1. If I feel resentful towards a relationship, I take a step back and examine my expectations. Am I being accepting of who this person is? Am I being accepting, compassionate and aware that we all have our own struggles and limitations? Am I projecting too much of my own wants as a condition to accepting this person? When I realize that my own expectations are contributing to my disappointment, I am more able to release my resentment.

2. If I feel resentful of someone’s lack of knowledge/understanding/anticipation of my needs then I bring my awareness to my own contribution to the situation. Have I ever actually expressed my needs? Have I made a conscious effort to make my needs known to others? People are not mind readers, and it is important to express to the people you have relationships with what your own expectations, desires and needs are.

3. I develop my own methods of dealing with my bruised feelings. I express to the person whom I am reacting to what was said/done that I am emotionally reacting to. I tell them how it made me feel. For example “when you told me how to do (something I already knew how to do), it made me feel resentful because I felt you lacked faith in my abilities.” This does not place blame on anyone, it simply expresses your feelings. Through expressing your emotions as they occur, you are honouring what you are feeling and releasing emotions before they develop into resentment.

Finding ways of dealing with and releasing your own resentment is an important tool that will aid you in living your best life.


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New Year Special Deal

The thing that has most aided my personal growth along my journey to peace and happiness has been the healing I received through the quantec. With the quantec I create specific healing programs to target personal issues. To celebrate the New Year I am offering a 3 month healing program for $50 a month, offer valid until January 31. I would love to connect with you and help you create your happiest life! Please email me for more information 🙂

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